Petit Paris restaurant 38-40 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2JU Tel: 0131 226 2442
Menu 2019

Les Entrees :

La Soupe du jour avec notre pain maison.(v) £5.90
Freshly made soup of the day served with our own bread.(v)
La Soupe traditionnelle à l‘oignon. (v) £5.90
Traditional French onion soup. (v).
La Terrine du moment, ses condiments et sa confiture d‘oignon. £5.90
Terrine of the day served with gherkins and onion marmalade.
Le Chêvre chaud en croûte et sa tapenade. (v) £5.90
Warm goat's cheese with olive tapenade and fresh basil in filo pastry.(v)
La Casserole de moules au Bleu d'Auvergne. £6.90
Steamed mussels in a creamy blue cheese sauce.
Le demi Camenbert au miel et thym.(v) £5.90
Oven baked half Camenbert with honey and fresh thyme.(v)
Le Boudin noir grillé, compote de pomme et sa moutarde Limousine. £5.90
Traditional French black pudding with a red wine Limousine mustard.
Les Escargots grillés façon Bourguignone. £4.90 or £8.40
Grilled snails with garlic, parsley and Pernod butter.

Les plats principaux :

La Cocotte traditionnelle du Petit Paris. £16.90
Petit Paris’ stew, a classic for over 18 years.
Les Filets de bar, sauce vierge et basilic frais. £17.90
Pan-fried sea bass fillets served with olives, fresh basil, garlic confit, sun blushed tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
Les Saucisses de Toulouse grillées et leur sélection de moutardes Delouis. £14.90
Grilled Toulouse sausages served with green salad and a selection of French mustards.
La Tourte aux tomates, courgettes, poivrons, basilic et fromage de chèvre.(v) £15.80
Courgettes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, basil and goat‘s cheese pie. (v)
Le traditionnel Coq au vin façon Petit Paris. £15.90
Baked marinated free range chicken in red wine with bacon and mushroom.
Le filet de Saumon d'Ecosse poêlés, sauce safran aux écrevisses et persil. £16.90
Pan-fried Scottish salmon fillet served with a saffron, crayfish and parsley sauce.
L‘entrecôte grillée, sauce aux poivres. £19.90
Prime Scottish grilled rib eye steak with a strong cognac and peppercorn sauce.

All main courses are accompanied with sautéed potatoes.
Salade verte.
Green salad (for two). £3.90
Jardinière de légumes
Fresh vegetables (for two). £3.90

Les desserts :

La Crème brûlée à la vanille. £5.90
The same than Maman used to do on Sundays.
La Tarte au chocolat et sa crème anglaise. £5.90
Warm chocolate tart served with a vanilla custard cream.
Le Dessert du jour de la Barantine. £5.90
Sweet of the day from our friends at La Barantine.
La tarte au citron meringuée et son coulis de framboise. £5.90
Lemon and meringue tart with a raspberry coulis.
Les Griottines au kirsch. £5.90
Morello cherries macerated in syrup and kirsch. (For one daily fruit portion!)
L‘assiette de Fromages sélectionnés par nos soins. £6.90
Selection of fine cheeses from France.
May we suggest our:
Sauternes Les Garonnelles, Lucien Luerton et Fils 2015/16. 14% vol.
Glass 125ml: £4.90 / 1/2 Bottle 375ml: £12.90 / Bottle 750ml: £22.90

Les boissons chaudes :

Café: £1.90
Café Parisien (with Cognac): £4.90
Thé, tisanes (herbal tea): £1.80

Nos vieux alcools :

25ml £4.90
Poire Williams, Gilbert Miclo. 40%
Subtil in mouth, discover fruity pear lightly oaked.
Framboise, Gilbert Miclo. 40%
Fruit maceration and distillation of raspberry brandy found in the full aromatic power of the queen of red fruit.
Calvados Boulard. 40%
Strong, noble drink with an incredibly attractive taste and refreshing aroma.
Bas Armagnac, Baron de Sigognac. 40%
Elegant spicy and sweet notes, an excellent conclusion to a meal.
Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Cognac VSOP
and many others just ask!

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to tables of 8 or more and outside tables.